Red Squirrel

Outside the cities Red Squirrels dominate the forests, eating mostly pine and spruce tree seeds, but also plenty of mushrooms (which they dry out on branches for winter food). Hilarious watching Robins chase Red Squirrels around at high speed, since they also eat bird eggs. Three of the new-born rodents were feeding from the Red […]

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Red Naped Sapsucker – Adult

We’re spending most of the summer in our new caravan at our seasonal camp in the Alberta foothills just east of Banff’s Ya Ha Tinda Ranch (where the new Bison heard was acclimatized before being released into the wild after a 125 year absence). While we accumulate home exchange credits (for future travels overseas) we […]

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All About Jazz

Featured Portfolio of Concert Photographs All About Jazz is currently featuring a portfolio of our concert photographs – all abstract, experimental, impressionistic. Several are multiple frame images shot in time with the beat. “The subject of tonight’s lecture is rhythm. The beat. The driving force that holds our lives together. Without rhythm your heart wouldn’t […]

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Two Week Reconnaissance Road Trip We wanted to test the effluent – see if there was enough abandoned dereliction left around to warrant a longer photography expedition. So the adventure began: we hopped in the Jeep and headed south, mostly Saskatchewan ghost towns, for two weeks. We absolutely found stuff: perishing, disintegrating, crackling: Whizz Bang […]

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Prairie Ghost Towns

Dereliction – Coming Soon

Dereliction—Colours of Abandonment Our latest photography expeditions are being compiled – just in time for Exposure Festival in February. Dereliction is an eye on things abandoned: ignored, forgotten, forlorn, fading away, dismissed by our modern predilection for everything new. Following the Ghost Town Trail along obsolete railroads: from Tiny to Biggar, Eastend to Westbend, Smuts […]

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