One Week Road Trip Into Southern Alberta

Before heading out to Saskatchewan for five weeks we decided to sweep through the Alberta locations our research had targeted – get them out of the way. We were already familiar with the Drumheller area, and the Atlas #4 Coal Mine National Historic Site, where a Blood Moon was shot. We soon found out there were big empty townships in the middle. But the edges were intriguing: Pink Dreams, Hussar Hardware, Frac’d, Hermes & Aphrodite, Chinook Rainbow, and Field Stone Wall Ruins. We found Chevy in the Levy, but the light was dreary that afternoon. So we elected to return another day and try a dawn shot (2½ h drive out, 4:00 am ETA in mid-summer). The “golden hour” was only 10 minutes, a narrow slit between low and high clouds obscuring the sunrise (yellow version). By the time I got a 10x neutral density filter on, extending the exposure to 30 seconds, the morning light had gone (blue version).

Dereliction - Alberta Sweep

Dereliction – Alberta Sweep

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