Image Seekers Urban Concept Gallery will be participating in Exposure Photography Festival next February 2018. We are inviting fine art photographers and videographers to submit proposals for exhibitions. We have an excellent reputation for showcasing skilled emerging guest photographers during Exposure, as well as our resident photographer David Leech. We have nine different spaces with thirty walls on four levels, perhaps you have been here? You will need 8-12 pieces of art ready to hang. We have a very large white projection wall, best viewed from the library, and a large screen TV in the guest suite. Please e-mail a brief project statement and links to by November 25th.

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  1. Brenda Castonguay Reply

    Hi David!

    I’d love to come back if you’ll have me! I’m living on Vancouver Island now and absolutely enjoying the rugged beutyful nature. I’ve also spent some time in Arizona shooting more macro florals. I have a collection of Hand Painted Tins I’d like to show called “Red”.
    – It explores the textures one sees when the eye is forced to look at a mono chrome that is an alternate from the typical black and white’s of most.

    I’ll be away next week, so if you don’t hear back emmidiatly it’s cause I’m in LA. I’m attending my gallery opening at The Perfect Exposure Gallery, a group show with some of the best in the industry! I’m incredibly excited to be included – things are getting soo exciting and I’m having a great time showing off my Tins! It would be great to see you both, hope all is well!
    Keep in touch!
    Brenda Castonguay Photography

    • admin Reply

      Howdy Brenda; how did your LA show go? We’d be honoured to have you back in the gallery, to show your tins again! We were just talking about your techniques at an art show opening in Canmore. So how do we work this out?

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