Took off for a week to Vancouver to get some shooting in downtown. Sun came out only one of three possible days, and we finished off toasting at Wreck Beach. Also hit the Blues Jam at Queens with some friends in Naniamo. Our house exchange was in Port Moody where 20 oil cars per day passed through our back yard. This is better than a pipeline?

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  1. Donna Little Reply

    I bought a framed photograph in a thrift store Circa 1912 entitled Misbehavin’. Marcell’s Studio. It is a group shot of 5 women and 4 men, some seated, some standing. There are 2 brooms crossed over each other in the foreground. Each person is holding a stuffed animal or toy. There are bottles of “spirits” on the arms of the chairs It is a delightful and amusing photo. We may use the photo at an upcoming Persons Day breakfast ( celebrating the group of five), but I would really appreciate some history. Thank you kindly, Donna Little

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