Five Week Road Trip Through Saskatchewan

Our research map listed a lot of places to go, things to do, and people to meet. We decided on a more centralized approach: get a B&B for several nights and do forays out to photograph. Hanna was our first stop, try Chevy in the Levy at dawn again – no light at all this time – bust. On to Bindloss, Maidstone, Saskatoon, Canora, Regina, Mossbank, Eastend, and Maple Creek. Pink & Blue Tavern, Flocking Crackle, Blue Fairies, Hamton Hillscape, Red White & Blues, and Blue’s Got the Blues. Canola fields providing a bright yellow backdrop: a house, barn, tractors, a red truck. And the Norman Douglas Shipton residence… The Bone House was gone…

Saskatchewan Ghost Town Trail

Saskatchewan Ghost Town Trail


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