Feather, Fur, & Fin

Moose, porpoise, grouse, squirrel, fish – spirit animal apparitions in a crumpled hunk of junk up at Gavin & Shirley MacInroy’s scrap yard, on Old Hedley Road, near Princeton, BC. Gavin’s youthful vocation was in the logging industry. Retirement days are now occupied with unique recreational activities such as cutting flunked school buses in half.

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Fire Dancer

Sandon, in West Kootenay, British Columbia, is a ghost town and home to an eccentric scrap metal hoarder and dealer. His fascinating collection of historical Vancouver trolley buses includes complete pedigrees. Breaking through the gloomy sky, a fleeting spark of sunlight exploded off our gold reflector, igniting the fire dancer masquerading in this metal Mardi […]

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